Corporate Apparel Policy


o   Acceptable Pax Logo Shirt/Sweaters: Dress Shirts, Polo Shirts (short or long sleeved), Sweaters, Cardigans and Blouses.  Pax will cover 50% of the cost of these items.

o   Pax Corporate Apparel shirts must be in good and presentable condition.

o    The Pax Logo must be ‘visible’ at all times.

o   Apparel worn ‘under’ the Pax Logo Shirt/Sweaters will be limited only to the following solid colors: (no added patterns or prints, etc.)

§  White, Black, Gray, Brown, Navy or Tan.

o   Non-Pax Logo Jackets, Vests, or Sweaters are not permitted to be worn over the office corporate apparel shirts and sweaters.

o   Pax Logo Shirts are not required if / when wearing a tie.


o   Dress pants must be in good and presentable condition.

o   No leggings.

o   No holes of any type or frayed hems.

o   No jeans Monday through Thursday.

*      Special (holiday) exemptions may be permitted if approved by the Pax Management


o   No open toe or open back shoes (sandals) etc.

o   No sneakers Monday through Thursday.

Casual Friday Apparel Guidelines (Applies to Friday Only)

o   Additional acceptable Pax Logo Shirts:  Quarter Zips and Vests.

o   Medium to Dark Denim Jeans with no holes or frayed hems may be worn in lieu of dress pants.  If preferred Khaki’s or Dress Pants may be worn as well.

o   Sneakers are allowed, but must be neutral / conservative color ~ small splash of color is okay.

o   There is no discount / subsidy by Pax on Casual Friday Apparel.

Note to All:   Policy exceptions will continue to be  granted by Pax Management based on special requests or medical related conditions. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated!

Michael J. Pax



Revised 2.23.2024

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